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For All Enquiries Please contact us on -

07504 586072

Welcome to Enfield Karate Club

Enfield Karate Club is dedicated to providing good quality karate training to men women and children of all ages. As well as self defence, good health and character improvement are the clubs main goals. Enfield Karate Club has been teaching karate for over 30 years, practised by men women and children of all ages.

Karate training will improve health, self confidence and overall well-being. Parents and teachers regularly report on the improvement in school work and behaviour of children who train regularly. Shotokan is a style of karate developed by an Okinawan teacher Gichin Funakoshi who introduced it to Japan in 1922. Shotokan has become the most widely practised style of karate in the world.

Come along and give it a try. All ages welcome!

Free Beginners lesson for all new students. Free Karate Gi with membership.

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is awarded to our students aged between 11 and 25.
To help encourage young people into Sport, we are offering free sessions to selected youngsters aged between 11 and 25 who would like to take up self defence lessons.
For more information and to find out if you can apply for these free sessions, please contact us


for more information, please contact us on -
Tel : 07504 586072
e-mail : enfieldkarate@hotmail.com

Enfield Karate Mission Statement

To introduce and firmly establish karate-do as a structured and modern interpretation of the Japanese/Okinawan/Fujian martial arts 

To continue studying, preserving and transmitting the correct history and original teachings of karate-do through it's history, culture and techniques 

To promote public awareness and interest in karate-do and to encourage participation by all members of the community 

To honour and preserve this important tradition and it's pioneers. 

To help and assist those who need our support without reservation. 

To teach the original teachings of kata through the Habitual Acts of Violence theory. 

To promote peace, health and harmony through the practise of karate-do 

To encourage friendly association with like minded groups and individuals


Barry Shearer
Hanshi 8th dan

Paul Shephard
Kyoshi 6th dan

Andy Lewry
4th dan

Richard Forster
3rd dan

Jack Shephard
3rd dan


For All Enquiries Please contact us on -

07504 586072

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